Questions to Ask Potential DUI Lawyers

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When you need an Atlanta DUI lawyer, there is a good chance that you might feel pressured during a legal representative selection process. However, asking the right questions eases the tension and helps ensure you are making the right decision. If you’re arrested for a DUI, here are a few questions you should ask to help you find the right Atlanta DUI attorney to represent you in your time of need and extreme stress.

What Is the DUI Attorneys Background?

When evaluating DUI lawyers for your case, you want to know their background. You want to select someone who has handled cases similar to yours. Asking them what percentage of their practice involves DUI charges gives you a sense of their qualifications directly related to the obstacles you face.

What is the DUI Attorneys Fees & Costs?

While your initial consultation might be free, but effective legal representation has a price. DUI lawyers charge one of two ways. Be prepared to pay either a flat fee or an hourly rate to your DUI law firm. Find out which fees best applies in your case, what it includes, whether other defense attorneys or paralegals will work on the case, and the rates charged for their work. Your case might involve costs separate from the attorney’s fees, such as for certified court records, medical tests, and expert witness fees. Ask for estimates of fees and costs for a plea or trial. Make certain that you read and understand your contract before signing it. The best DUI lawyer in Atlanta may be a little more expensive than the others.

Do You Have Specialized DUI Training?

Defense attorneys with special training or experience can benefit you. Find out whether the DUI lawyers you interview are familiar with the police officers or prosecutors. If they are, they have a deep understanding of how they think. Additionally, they might have professional relationships that make negotiating pleas and trying cases involving DUI charges go more smoothly. Ask about:

  • DUI-related certifications
  • Organization memberships
  • Continuing legal education courses

You Should Try To Find The Best DUI Attorney in Atlanta

For a DUI attorney to be truly successful in providing the best DUI defenses available, it is important for a lawyer to stay on top of latest developments in DUI defense. Particularly how well DUI expungements work.


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