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Don’t let your criminal history haunt you. Lipinski Law, an Indianapolis expungement lawyer can help you clean your record. You can legally seal your records and get rid of any roadblocks in your life with the expungement process.

How To Find The Expungement Lawyer Indiana Residents Can Trust

An arrest, conviction or other charge can make it harder to obtain jobs, housing, loans, purchase or carry a firearm, or improve your overall quality of life. You don’t need a criminal record to restrict your freedom. Indiana’s expungement laws allow you to clean up your record and get on with your lives. Arie Lipinski, an Indianapolis criminal defense attorney, can help you clear your criminal record.

Indiana expungements are not the same as pardons, which allow for the forgiveness or restitution of an offense. After the person has met all requirements, they seal any records that are related to an arrest or charge. The Indiana Second Chance Law, also known as the Indiana expungement statute, is commonly called. This law allows you to begin over without having any criminal record.

Indiana’s expungement laws offer greater relief than other states. Although some states offer limited relief for misdemeanors and felony offenses, Indiana’s expungement laws provide greater relief than many others. That’s why you need the expungement lawyer Indiana can trust.

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Why you should expunge your Indiana criminal record

Even if you have a long criminal history, it could still be relevant. Your past arrests, charges and convictions can still have an impact on your life in many ways.

  • Applying to a Job
  • Child custody
  • Driving privileges
  • Licensure for professionals
  • Online records for state and local authorities
  • Immigration issues
  • The right of possessing a firearm

An Indiana expungement attorney can help you to change your record.

What Is A Record Expungement?

Expungement is the legal process of removing your criminal record. Potential employers, landlords, courts, and other parties can ask about your criminal record. They can also look up your criminal history via background checks and other sources such as the online case history portal of the state.

An expungement protects your records against government access. You do not have to answer questions about criminal convictions or arrests from potential employers, landlords or school applicants. An expungement lawyer in Indianapolis can help you file a successful petition to expunge your record and give you a second chance at life.

Can A Criminal Record Be Expunged In Indiana?

After you have served your sentence for misdemeanors that lasted at least five years, Class C or Level 6, felonies of at most eight years or felonies that were reduced to a misdemeanor, Indiana allows you the right to have your records expunged. This can be used to seal criminal records. Even if all requirements are met, the court may not grant the request to erase major felony conviction records. Expunctuals are not possible in Indiana if you have already served your sentence.

2013 saw major changes to the Indiana General Assembly’s Indiana Criminal Code. These changes included significant changes to the laws that govern expungements. The law protects you from discrimination. Any conviction for a crime that is eligible for expungement may be sealed by an Indiana expungement lawyer. Record sealing can help you restore your life and legally negate the existence of any criminal record.

Employers won’t see arrests or convictions in background checks. If a conviction has been sealed, applicants for loans, education or employment do not have to disclose it. There are many benefits to expungement. Lipinski Law in Indiana will help you understand the implications of expungement for your case. Lipinski Law is known for providing Indiana’s best post-conviction relief.

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What Criminal Records can be Expunged in Indiana?

Indiana’s expungement law permits the sealing or extinguishment of certain felony convictions that are less than eight years old, and misdemeanor convictions that are less than five years. Here is a complete list containing all records that can be extinguished in Indiana.

Indiana’s expungement law permits the sealing of records regarding the following items:

  • Arrests
  • Criminal charges
  • Delinquency adjudications
  • Criminal convictions
  • Trial court records
  • Appellate court records
  • Forfeiture records
  • Record of post-conviction relief

Each county must submit an expungement petition.

Expulsion is a once-off deal. Indiana law allows you to request expungement only once. All records you wish to have expunged must be listed on your petition. To have all records extinguished in any county, you must file a petition.

These limitations and the complexity in Indiana’s expungement laws make it important to work with an Indiana lawyer. This will ensure that you have a complete criminal record, meet all Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure requirements and is filed promptly.

Adult Arrests, Convictions, And Charges Can Be Expunged.

This information will allow you to determine if your adult criminal history is eligible for expungement.

  • Type of record (arrest, charge, conviction or both)
  • The nature of the offense
  • Time since your arrest, conviction or charge.
  • Additional characteristics for the petitioner

Arie Lipinski is One Of The Expungement Lawyers Indianapolis Can Trust

Arie Lipinski, an Indiana criminal defense attorney, assists clients in determining their eligibility for the expungement Indiana deserves. They can also assist with the completion of the whole process. We are available to assist with all aspects of the expungement process:

  • Confirm you are eligible to expungement
  • Collecting case records
  • Investigating your criminal record
  • Gathering any other court documents
  • Prepare your expungement petition
  • Arguing in court
  • Notification to the state agencies

Contact Indiana Expungement Attorneys At Lipinski Law Today

An arrest record, criminal history, or other record can serve as a permanent reminder about your past. This could prevent you from obtaining certain jobs or firearms licenses. This can also damage your reputation. Anyone with an internet connection can access their criminal history online. They shouldn’t have to. You shouldn’t let your criminal record keep you back. Hire an Indianapolis criminal lawyer that will help!

Now is the time to act! To determine if your eligibility to file for expungement Indiana, contact our team. Our team is ready to provide trustworthy representation and detailed information to our clients about their eligibility to file. We are available to help you solve your case or answer any questions regarding record sealing.

Don’t delay your second chance. Lipinski Law in Indiana can help you determine whether or not you are eligible to expunge.