What is the Criminal Record Expunge Cost in Indiana

A past rap sheet can wreak havoc on so many points: a work application, real estate assistance, student finances, child safekeeping, as well as also a state bar certificate. Expunging a criminal record can be valuable to some individuals. For others, the cost is a consideration. Just how much is the cost to expunge your criminal record? What is the accurate record expunge cost? That depends on a variety of factors, which include:

  • The number
  • Nature
  • The place of the crime

The Expungement Process Explained

 Each state has different requirements to expunge a criminal record and background. A lawyer will usually obtain a copy of your rap sheet you want to get expunged to obtain the procedure started. Next, papers are gathered to create formal pleadings, such as court documents and district attorney documents. Some jurisdictions need offering the district attorney papers concerning the process, and others may require an Order of Expungement to be composed and signed by the judge.

Sometimes there is a formal request for removing each cost, in front of a judge. If successful, you may then need to serve a copy of the expungement order on numerous federal government firms, such as the district attorney’s office and the department of adjustments, which might have your criminal record on documents, to make sure that they also can expunge it. Each territory has various requirements, which can get really complicated. As you can picture, you will certainly require to spend for each of these actions.

How Much Will This Record Expunge Cost?

The cost to hire an attorney to remove criminal records varies greatly. The record expunge cost in Indiana is anywhere from $650 to $10,000, depending on the number and intensity of the underlying crimes need to be expunged. Additionally, the needs of the territory in which the crime was committed have fees included. Before authorizing a contract with a lawyer for the process, make sure you understand what you are getting: Will the record is entirely expunged or secured? Is this a flat or hourly fee? Is there an optimum number of hours charged? 

Should You Hire an Attorney to Expunge Indiana Criminal Records

Hiring an attorney isn’t required. You can try to do it on your own. There are web sites that can help guide you through the expungement process. Anticipate to pay $100 to $600 in record processing as well as declaring fees. If you feel you may have trouble creating the cash to pay those charges, some states use free expungement solutions for indigent clients. Talk to your regional Public Defender or Legal Aid office to see if it is provided, and also if you qualify,


Though hiring a criminal defense attorney isn’t needed to finish the procedure, you may want to employ one to ensure the record expungement is complete. This is among those thorough processes where it isn’t done at all if it isn’t done correctly. Also, if you have relocated away from where the arrest occurred, having a neighborhood expungement attorney will not only make the process easier, but increase the likelihood of success of getting the value for your record expunge cost.