What Are the Degrees of Murder

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Some states define their degrees of murder numerically. Common degrees of murder include first degree murder and second degree murder. Other states place specific labels on their murder offenses, such as capital murder, murder, and justifiable homicide. Despite the label of the degree of murder, the idea is to gradually increase the punishment with the degree. The more egregious the killing, or ….  Read More

What is Probation

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Probation in criminal law refers to a period of supervised incarceration, usually ordered by the judge, rather than serving time at the prison. Probation can vary from a one-year jail sentence to a year, two years, or sometimes even more. Probation can be ordered for various reasons, such as when the defendant is facing a ….  Read More

What is an Arrest Warrant

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An arrest warrant is a warrant granted by a judge in a court of law to a law enforcement official granting that law enforcement official the right and ability to arrest a person of interest regarding a crime. An arrest warrant is acquired in a court of law by presenting a judge with probable cause for arresting ….  Read More

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Questions to Ask Potential DUI Lawyers

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When you need an Indianapolis DUI lawyer, there is a good chance that you might feel pressured during a legal representative selection process. However, asking the right questions eases the tension and helps ensure you are making the right decision. If you’re arrested for a DUI, here are a few questions you should ask to ….  Read More

What is an Expungement?

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Expungement is the procedure by which certain criminal records can be ruined, normally after a certain amount of time or a result in court – for example, after a pardon, nolle prosequi, probation before judgment, or various other termination of the fee. Is an Expungement a Complete Records Removal Expungement suggests that the records are ….  Read More

DUI Expungement Cleans Your Record

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Expungement is actually a legal civil activity in which the very first time transgressor seeks that all the documents of the previous sentence process be sealed and or ruined. Each jurisdiction has its very own definition or analysis of expungement and also actual records may still be readily available to legislation authorities. Each state establishes ….  Read More