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The first step in treating drug and alcohol addiction is to get into an Atlanta detox center. A person can also undergo alcohol detox to help them deal with the severe withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting drinking.

Atlanta Detox

The first step in treating Alcohol Abuse Disorder is to get into an Atlanta detox center. Any trace of alcohol will be flushed out of your body during alcohol detox. An excellent Atlanta addiction treatment center can safely detox you from alcohol and any other substances you have developed a dependency on.

A person who drinks alcohol for a long time will develop a physical dependence on it. If that person stops drinking alcohol, severe withdrawal symptoms can occur.

  • Delirium Tremens
  • Seizure
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Death

Atlanta detox center

What is the average stay at an Atlanta detox center?

Most withdrawal symptoms from alcohol are gone within two days of starting at the Atlanta detox center. Dependent on the severity of your abuse disorder, detox may take longer. Once the physical effects of detox are gone, you can begin to concentrate on other aspects of your recovery, such as:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Therapy sessions
  • Sessions for counseling
  • Support options

Trust the Detox Atlanta Residents Can Trust

The Atlanta Detox Center is a state-licensed medical detox facility that assists those suffering from substance abuse, addiction, detox, or co-occurring conditions. The next step in recovery is to find the intensive outpatient program Atlanta residents can trust with aftercare.

To provide personalized, compassionate care, the medical team at the center comprises a doctor, nurses, and therapists. To help cover the cost of Atlanta detox, most health insurance plans will accept them. The center is centrally located downtown. It accepts patients from various private insurance plans.

Atlanta alcohol detox

Atlanta Detox Center for Alcohol and Drugs

The Atlanta Detox Center’s detox programs can last three to fourteen days. The severity of addiction, the substance used, and the client’s medical condition will all affect the length of treatment.

Even after completing the detox program, our Atlanta detox center offers aftercare programs to continue helping individuals with their addictions.

Atlanta Alcohol Detox

After a certain amount of alcohol, your body depends on it as a depressant. Your brain stops producing certain chemicals from alcohol, and your body becomes dependent on it.

It takes time for your body’s withdrawal process to adjust after you stop drinking alcohol. Cessation of alcohol consumption can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

A safe Atlanta detox center is essential for anyone who wants to detox from alcohol dependence. So, if you are looking for an alcohol detox or if you need a drug detox, call the addiction specialist at Better Wellness Group to get the help you need today.

Atlanta Drug Detox

Atlanta detox center offers men and women a 12-step intensive outpatient program. This program includes individual counseling, group therapy, and psychoeducation. It also offers extended support groups for 18- to 30-months.

The treatment plan addresses the root cause of the patient’s addiction. The patient will be expected to continue a sober lifestyle after completing treatment. This can be done through a 12-step program.

We have not only an Atlanta detox center but also the best outpatient program Atlanta has ever experienced. This is a lower-level program than our Atlanta PHP program.


What is the Average Cost of a Detox Center in Atlanta?

It can be difficult to choose the right Atlanta detox center. A detox program is expensive. Many treatment facilities are associated with other services and organizations that can help pay for your stay. Check that all counselors, doctors, and nurses are licensed and have the appropriate credentials.

Our Atlanta detox center can work with all major insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Cigna. You may also be eligible for payment assistance.

Our Atlanta Detox Center can help you get sober!

The Atlanta Detox Center offers a wide range of services and programs. Many of these programs are based on the 12-step recovery method. A rehab program may be required depending on your needs for full-time recovery.

Whether you are an alcoholic or not, there is a treatment option for you. It is possible to find a program that suits all your needs and is affordable.

Addiction Recovery: The Alcohol and Drug Detox Center

A private detox center in Atlanta is a great option if you are looking for help quickly. Don’t forget to budget for your expenses while you’re there. Even if you are just coming out of an addiction, it is important to have the right support to help you get through your recovery.

You can start your journey to sobriety by taking advantage of Atlanta detox facilities. The quality of the care you receive will determine the cost of Atlanta detox centers.

Get treatment for alcohol & drug withdrawal.

Atlanta has many options for medical detox. Atlanta detox centers can provide treatment for those suffering from addiction or co-occurring disorders.

This facility uses the most effective and modern methods to treat addiction and co-occurring conditions. They provide a wide range of detox services and nurses, therapists, behavioral health technicians, and medical staff.

Professionals should monitor alcohol and drug detox.

Due to withdrawal symptoms severe enough that a professional should monitor your detox from alcohol, it is important to have this monitored. This is especially true for those with a heart or lung disease history. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can quickly get worse.

To ensure your alcohol detox specialist is not worsening your condition, they will monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. Talk to them about your symptoms and any pain. Your medical team will use this information to determine the best medicine to relieve your pain.

There are many reasons to detox from alcohol.

What to Expect from an Alcohol Detox

The medically-supervised alcohol detox of each person will vary depending on the severity of their alcohol abuse. However, everyone must undergo alcohol detox to cleanse their bodies and allow them to continue on the path to sobriety.

A medically-based detox will allow you to receive an extensive evaluation of your health. Your doctor will then determine the best course of action.

Both inpatient and outpatient alcohol detox are available. Those with more severe disorders will likely be admitted to a residential detox center for a time. Outpatient patients will need to see their doctors regularly for checkups.

There is no one way to detoxify from alcohol. Nevertheless, alcohol detox has universal significance.

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